around here. the entertainment edition

January 22 2014 115

going to the movies seems to be something i only do with Lily these days

people letting their phones ring, answering and then talking. loud popcorn chewers. people who choose to sit right next to you while the theater is more than half empty. not being able to pause the movie for a bathroom break….

not my cup of tea (or better yet, wine)

but, by no means does that mean that i am no longer a movie lover

because i still am. in the luxury of our own home

ending the day with a good glass of wine and a good movie is still my favorite thing to do

and during whatever sports season Will wants to watch, i get to actually do it quite often

i just finished watching top of the lake. a netflix series

have any of you seen it? i highly recommend it

such a good story and the scenery…. breathtaking

i watched all seven episodes in two nights. i couldn’t get enough

not too long ago i also watched the place beyond the pines

i am a huge ryan gosling fan (who isn’t really?) and once again he did not disappoint. and neither did the movie

another one that is still fresh in my mind is the paperboy

i love when nicole kidman does movies like this. movies that focus on the talented actress she is instead of blockbusters that focus on how pretty her face is

and john cusack?

i will never see him the same way ever again

so good. heavy. but so good

and girls is finally back on!!

who is watching and what do you think so far?

how nutty is gabby hoffman? kookoo

i also have some documentaries that have been referred to me by friends

scatter my ashes at bergdorf’s, cutie and the boxer and diana vreeland: the eye has to travel

have you watched any of them?

i am looking forward to

well, it sounds like it is going to be a netflix kind of weekend for me

if you have watched something you loved, please do share with me

happy friday friends

wishing you all a wonderful weekend

ps- oh! i almost forgot… i would also like you to visit my friend Claudia over at mama bear says. she is an all around “green” mama who also takes beautiful pictures and writes beautiful words. she just recently visited her homeland of peru and wow! here is part one and part two. you will not be disappointed. i have visited her posts several times this week

pps- i have been playing/practicing with my new lens a lot. as you can see from the loads of pictures in this post

January 19 2014 003

Lily went to an out of space birthday party last week and brought this alien home. she has named her quatorze (fourteen in portuguese)

January 19 2014 001

future planning. valentine’s day. i am ready

January 19 2014 075

this guy and his underbite. i can’t

January 19 2014 090

there have been lots of hammock sessions

January 19 2014 133

oh the things she says

January 19 2014 285

princess bride

January 19 2014 375 January 20 2014 002

backyard sessions

January 20 2014 011

these two

January 20 2014 019

oh hello. photo by Darren

January 20 2014 026

a garden update

January 20 2014 028

different hammock sessions

January 20 2014 037

scooter sessions

January 20 2014 035 January 20 2014 048

front porch sessions

January 20 2014 052

bike sessions

January 21 2014 010

water color sessions

January 21 2014 013

painting the mountains of west virginia

January 21 2014 033

rainy days

January 21 2014 035January 22 2014 008

sunny mornings

January 22 2014 040 January 22 2014 065

i’m back to flax

January 22 2014 015

a garden rose

January 23 2014 002

January 22 2014 100

always picking flowers for her mama

January 22 2014 107


January 22 2014 121

a walk home during the golden hour

January 22 2014 116


January 23 2014 010

the rainbow hour

January 23 2014 013