a what i wore post. color. lots of it

January 16 2014 015 - Copy

fifty degree weather!!

so exciting you have no idea (or maybe you do)

even though it has started warming up again (80’s during the weekend) we had an almost two week stretch of miami winter

and really, the most challenging thing for me in the mornings was trying to figure out how many things i could put on before the warm weather came back

there were some misses, but there were also some hits

sweater&satchel- zara. pleated top&skirt- f41. necklace- icreate. tights- hue. booties- sandgrens

ps- creative juices were flowing yesterday morning and i created five new necklaces for my etsy shop. all in bright spring colors. let me know what you think!

January 16 2014 013January 16 2014 029

the nails. courtesy of my husband who put new nail polish in my christmas stocking

January 16 2014 028

icreate necklace

January 16 2014 020

don’t you just love a breezy skirt?

January 16 2014 027

old zara bag

January 16 2014 025

layers. i just love to wear them

January 16 2014 022

wooden booties. baby pink suede. have you ever?