the weekend. saturday

February 01 2014 001

if that top shot looks a bit like a repeat from last saturday’s recap is well, because it is

per Lily’s request we had another breakfast picnic this saturday

this time on her balcony

which actually worked out better because there was more shade than on our balcony

it was a hot one this weekend

i will try to have some respect (and pity) for those of you freezing in cold weather and just leave it at that

it was a mellow weekend

one filled with a few errands, house cleaning, some changing around in the house, a playdate for Lily (not pictured) and a super bowl party at a neighbor’s house (also not pictured)

happy monday friends

hope you all had a great weekend

February 01 2014 004 February 01 2014 002

we are lucky to live some short blocks away from the best bakery

February 01 2014 009 February 01 2014 007 February 02 2014 001

some small home changes

February 02 2014 002February 01 2014 010

some backyard time

February 01 2014 016

pool cleaning duties

February 01 2014 020 February 01 2014 013

checking on her fish

February 01 2014 017

totally in her make believe world. aka talking to noone

February 01 2014 021

some scuba-ing minus the water

February 01 2014 027

barbie and her spinning dolphins

February 01 2014 037

i love my new lens because of this

February 01 2014 044February 01 2014 051

total sass

February 01 2014 056 February 01 2014 061

some front porch hang time before her playdate came over

P.S.H. as Capote

we lost a great one. RIP Philip Seymor Hoffman