a garden update

February 05 2014 003

we have had hot sunny days but, we have also had some rainy days

sometimes just enough rain to water the yard which i am always thankful for

our veggie garden now resides in tubs on our bedroom terrace because the spot they were in in the yard, does not get enough sun and nothing was really growing

the cucumbers, tomatoes and some herbs we managed to save are now much happier in their very sunny new spot

the yard continues to be mostly green

my orchids are doing great. the buds keep getting bigger and bigger and i cannot wait for them to bloom

a few of them will be blooming right at the same time so i am anxious for that to happen

the hibiscus bushes are also full of buds but i think they will need a few more very hot days in order for them to really bloom

although, yesterday i was happily greeted by one of the most beautiful hibiscus

same with the roses, they keep taking turns

and the cocktail tree is heavy with the most beautiful and fragrant blooms

so, little things have been happening

just not all at the same time…

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

February 05 2014 004 February 05 2014 008

yesterday’s morning surprise. this beautiful hibiscus

January 26 2014 004

and a red hibiscus from the hibiscus tree last week

February 01 2014 037

oh hello there

January 15 2014 088

these are by the pond and they bloom every day

January 15 2014 089

these will be red flowers

January 15 2014 090 January 19 2014 009

we also had a water hyacinth in the pond not too long ago

January 19 2014 010 January 19 2014 020

this fallen palm tree is now great mulch. the orchids love it

January 19 2014 041

this rose was a pleasure to watch

January 20 2014 020 January 22 2014 012 January 19 2014 072

we bought some bleeding hearts and they seem to be happy where they are. i have never had them before but love them

January 22 2014 032 January 19 2014 243

avocados keep falling, cracking and the squirrels keep on eating them

January 15 2014 059

the fish are growing (and multiplying). it is Lily’s responsibility to care for them

January 15 2014 061 January 19 2014 061

the orchids are quite happy hanging out with roger the monkey

January 24 2014 038 January 19 2014 045

the starfruit tree has gotten quite the trim recently

January 25 2014 036 January 25 2014 101

our jungle trim pile a couple of weeks ago

January 25 2014 049

these guys are always a pleasure to have around and with my new zoom lens they no longer run from me

January 25 2014 100 January 25 2014 098

these are so tiny and lovely and manage to keep on keepin’ on

January 24 2014 027

the ginger flowers are always in bloom

January 19 2014 211

life in the boat is good

January 19 2014 070 January 24 2014 029

pretty weeds. that i eventually pulled out

January 24 2014 041January 30 2014 017

cocktail tree blooms

January 30 2014 012