around here

January 31 2014 065

there have been many days (weeks actually) filled with interrupted sleep around here

Lily has been having many bad dreams lately and keeps waking during the night

seems she has been fighting cobras (black with green and yellow stripes), black and pink bunnies with fangs and claws, an octopus, sharks and a giant lizard in her sleep and when it all gets too scary, she makes a run for our room

we invested in a king size bed not too long ago just because of Lily, so having her sleep with us is fine

but just not every night

between the interrupted sleep and the rise in temperatures (in the eighties again. hating it) i have been feeling quite off track and sluggish

with zero energy or motivation actually

needless to say, things still need to get done around here

and they do but just with less pep in my step

happy friday friends

wishing you all a happy weekend

ps- this bloggitty blog is officially four years old. can you believe that? a big thank you to you all who come to visit. xx

January 25 2014 040

this still happens often. shoes on the wrong feet

February 01 2014 060

happy tinker in her fairy garden

January 30 2014 019

the rainbow maker on a gloomy day

January 31 2014 019

silly face

January 31 2014 025

she is a good sharer

January 30 2014 016

a garden update

February 01 2014 059January 30 2014 021January 31 2014 002

rainy days

January 31 2014 027January 31 2014 096

in our neighbor’s yard

January 31 2014 013

new necklaces in my etsy shop. here

January 31 2014 081

just a girl and her tiger

January 31 2014 102

from the second floor

January 31 2014 106

during the golden hour

February 01 2014 098

oh the things she says…

February 04 2014 001

a breakfast. broiled grapefruit. recipe found here

February 04 2014 004

i found a clothes line in the yard. perfect

February 04 2014 010

big into card making these days

February 04 2014 022

ice cream. an after school snack

February 04 2014 039

a brain freeze moment

February 05 2014 020

ballet walks

February 05 2014 027