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February 10 2014 008

so… how is this mercury retrograde treating you all so far? (if you believe/keep up with such thing)

it’s been mostly a smooth and full week on this end with the exception of monday

on monday both Lily and mercury retrograde tried to get the best of me

she stayed home from school that day and was “mama, mama, mama” all the day long


she drove me a bit crazy

it was also mine and Will’s forth wedding anniversary

we like to call it our annual date day since it is the only time we go on a “date” (this btw is a resolution of ours. we need to be better about that)

our good friends who offered to come watch Lily, got into a minor car accident on the way to our house

thankfully everyone was ok and to my amazement they still came over and Will and i got to go on our date

we had agreed on a new to us restaurant and once we got there, we were told that the outside area (the best part about the location) was closed

we sat down anyway

i made the “mercury retrograde” joke to Will and told him that whatever we were to order, they would not have

sure enough

the bottle of wine we ordered was sold out


we ordered a glass of wine each, an appetizer and on to the next place we went

we laughed

here we were, on our date which got off to a crazy start and we had no idea where to go

we soon figured it out and had a great dinner/time elsewhere

mercury retrograde tried to get the best of our day but we beat it

at least this time

happy valentine’s day friends!

wishing you all a love filled weekend

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