in Lily’s room

February 14 2014 047

Lily’s bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in this home

it has four large windows that let in the most beautiful light all throughout the day and it is filled with lots of color

it is a happy place

mornings are some of my favorite times in there

i love watching the room be filled with early sun light and on sunny days, filled with dancing rainbows

but, i think what i love most about Lily’s room is that it is made up of treasures mostly gifted by the loved ones who play the most active roles in her life

today i give you a small tour around Lily’s room

hope you enjoy

January 06 2014 024

elephants for good luck

February 14 2014 038February 14 2014 081

paper lantern and elephants gifted by auntie K

February 14 2014 067

in the morning light/shadows

February 14 2014 040

her beloved hand knitted mermaid and tiggie wyggie on her bed who she sleeps with every night

February 14 2014 083

her pajama bag gifted by my cousin and sent all the way from portugal when Lily was a baby

February 14 2014 037February 14 2014 089

depending on the holiday or what Lily is working on, things on the window sill change. in this case, it was love bugs for valentine’s day

February 14 2014 075February 14 2014 039February 14 2014 082

her art. although most of it is not up (she creates so much of it), her art plays a big role in her room. this was made at school while learning about the planets

February 14 2014 091

this was also made at school during geography class based on china

February 14 2014 090

a flower painted at home

February 14 2014 095

her portrait of Connie painted at home and a beaded hanging gifted by DD

February 14 2014 097

portrait of a man painted at home and a dream catcher purchased in savannah

February 14 2014 099

a tree/circus painted at home

February 14 2014 094

a paper doll made by her and a mermaid painted by me long ago

February 16 2014 006

a pom-pom mobile we made this past sunday

February 14 2014 092

although i take millions of pictures, i never get anything printed out or framed. it is something i used to do decades ago, stopped but should do again. these were gifted to us at Lily’s end of school year last year and at a friend’s birthday party

February 14 2014 084

a globe gifted by her grandparents, a strawberry fairy gifted by a friend and a nyc snowglobe gifted to me by a friend

February 14 2014 086

african souvenirs from DD’s travels

January 30 2014 023

a jewelry box gifted by Sasa and a chihuahua angel gifted by auntie K

February 14 2014 087

books and a little mouse jewelry box gifted by Connie

February 14 2014 088

more books and a wooden box that i have had for many moons. it now carries her hair accessories

February 14 2014 093

her dress-up and accessories wall

February 14 2014 096

her fish mobile gifted by her grandparents that she has had since she was four months old

January 06 2014 023

and last but certainty not least, her rainbow maker gifted by her grandparents which turns her room into the most magical place filled with dancing rainbows on any sunny day

January 06 2014 029