a very special birthday party

February 11 2014 002

anyone else’s child obsessed with birthdays?

in Lily’s world, it is somebody’s birthday every day

sometimes several times a day

on this particular day, Lily arrived from school and filled with excitement she said to me:

“mama, do you know what today is? it’s tiggie wyggie’s and nora’s birthday!!!! they are four and five today. we have to have a birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!”

and before i could even blink and process what was about to happen, she was upstairs making them birthday cards and asking me for the birthday banner

tiggie wyggie is Lily’s very special baby tiger

she sleeps with her every night, she wants to take her to school…

Lily loves tiggie wyggie

nora, is tiggie wyggie’s friend

i remember being just a little bit older than Lily and having a similar play time imagination

i don’t remember so many birthday parties but, i remember the make believe world i would create in the play/laundry room with the acid green shag rug

i would spend hours in that room

as an adult (even though i am a mama) i don’t always feel like entering that make believe world

but on this particular day, i am glad i did

February 11 2014 006

of course there was birthday/piano singing

February 11 2014 010

Lily and tiggie wyggie

February 11 2014 060February 11 2014 017 February 11 2014 025

tiggie wyggie’s birthday card

February 11 2014 024

Lily and tiggie wyggie

February 11 2014 026

some guests

February 11 2014 040 February 11 2014 041

some more guests

February 11 2014 019

i’m telling you, it’s love

February 11 2014 067 February 11 2014 022February 11 2014 029 February 11 2014 032

taking pictures with her phone

February 11 2014 027

tiggie wyggie

February 11 2014 034


February 11 2014 036

and although there were some major tears shed when i said that “no, we cannot bake a real birthday cake”, i did manage to get some real ice cream

February 11 2014 037

fake cookies were just not cutting it

February 11 2014 042