a garden update. orchids

February 13 2014 005

orchids, orchids, orchids

some of my orchids have bloomed!!!

you know i have been waiting for this for a while

when we first moved into this home last september, i tied my orchids onto the trees in the backyard

i did not know if they would bloom again

that’s the one thing about orchids, they usually bloom once a year (they don’t look that pretty when they are not blooming) but, you never know

well, i took good care of them and they must like where they are because every single one of them (five orchid plants in total) is budding and some as you can see have already started blooming

every morning as i wake up, i look out the bedroom window and take a peek to see if another has opened up

there have been a few more garden highlights this week which i will share with you next week however, the orchids have my heart at the moment

joining Annie with how does your garden grow?

February 09 2014 093

first there was one

February 12 2014 005

and then there was two

February 10 2014 014

and then these right next to them, looked like they were ready to go as well

February 12 2014 019

and then surprise! a white one opened up

February 13 2014 016

and then another

February 13 2014 019 February 13 2014 020February 14 2014 052 February 15 2014 020

so then there were four

February 16 2014 014

but they soon became five

February 16 2014 100 February 17 2014 002 February 16 2014 112February 19 2014 001

but then another white one opened up

February 19 2014 006

so as of today there are six