the weekend. sunday

February 23 2014 026

we had a little Eric Klein photo shoot here on sunday (actually it was a big photo shoot and pictures will hopefully be posted next week)

after the shooting was done, it was time to relax and play

good friends, good food, good drinks…

good sunday

February 23 2014 007

Will purchased new flowers for the yard and as you can see the gnome and the lizards are loving it

February 23 2014 028 February 23 2014 360

a little quiet play time before photo shoot madness

February 23 2014 035February 23 2014 087

photo shoot in effect. Lily and her friend Raven

February 23 2014 127February 23 2014 398

this guy and his new toy

February 23 2014 250

photo shoot done. cocktail hour

February 23 2014 422

she’s still a tiger

February 23 2014 285 February 23 2014 324

puzzles with DD

February 23 2014 326

papa Harry is in town. love this man

February 23 2014 432February 23 2014 332

this guy. bonjour!

February 23 2014 341

Raven slowly getting over her fear of water

February 23 2014 344


February 23 2014 346

beautiful late dusky sky

once upon a time:

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8 thoughts on “the weekend. sunday

  1. tee hee.. that first shot of Lil… looks like the Jackson five! ;o) Another fun weekend had by y’all it looks like, way to savour it up!
    needle and nest

        1. @Mel,

          ha! my friend showed me this today on fb. totally creative but so over the top too. and…. i will not be showing thia to Lily if i know what is good for me ;) thanks for thinking of us! xx

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