a garden update

February 23 2014 029

as big and green as our yard is, it sure has had its big bursts of color lately

the hibiscus tree has bloomed as many as eight red hibiscus in one sitting

the coral hibiscus bush is also constantly blooming

and Will purchased a bunch of flowers for the wheel barrel and the gnome is now as happy as could be (there is usually a lizard sitting on his hat)

that wheel barel had nothing but dirt in it

flowers make such a difference

they make everything happier

joining Annie with how does your garden grow?

February 23 2014 007

all purchased by Will

February 23 2014 008

i don’t know what any of their names are but i love them. especially the ones above. one of my fave color combos: fuschia and red

February 23 2014 010 February 23 2014 011February 14 2014 105

i love these coral hibiscus

February 14 2014 049 February 22 2014 007

and the red ones. they really pop against all the green

February 23 2014 015 February 23 2014 350

this is the first hibiscus bush we purchased over a year ago. it had not bloomed in a while but it is slowly doing so

February 25 2014 006

it is truly a shame they are only open for one day. this is what it looked like the following morning

February 25 2014 003

this one bloomed on tuesday. and then on wednesday there was another one just like it

February 23 2014 020

Will captured this beauty while i was in the house

February 23 2014 354

remember we moved the veggie garden into bins onto our bedroom terrace? everything has tripled in size

February 23 2014 357

cucumber flowers

February 26 2014 003

i know i showed you enough orchids last week (although i think there can never be enough orchids) but this baby opened up yesterday

February 25 2014 015

and we had hung these in the front porch but they were not looking so good there. so i tied them onto the trees next to the others