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February 24 2014 006

i have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with little baby Wyatt these past two weeks

a temporary situation that has been just the extra little bit of sunshine this home needed

borrowed babies/siblings are so much fun

it was an easy week

like Lily says “easy peesy lemon squeezy”

and for a short month, february sure seemed long didn’t it?

today is the last day of mercury retrograde

we survived yet another one

it started off really rocky but i must say that it was actually a pretty mild one here

happy friday friends

wishing you all an awesome weekend

February 15 2014 007

pool duties

February 15 2014 013February 17 2014 007

the garden is slowly exploding with lots of color

February 15 2014 004 February 14 2014 049 February 14 2014 060February 17 2014 010


February 19 2014 009

spider webs

February 19 2014 014 February 17 2014 043

silly bath sessions

February 18 2014 004

and morning dressing sessions

February 16 2014 016

the mango tree is blooming like crazy

February 20 2014 009

this sweetie. Wyatt

February 20 2014 020February 17 2014 014

valentine’s day lilies

February 14 2014 062

eternal love

February 20 2014 024

this guy soaking some morning sun on the front porch

February 20 2014 035

and this guy doing the same

February 25 2014 005

breakfasts al fresco while we still can

February 26 2014 021

fish duty

February 26 2014 011

my little morning sager and the last picture of Lily with her long braids. she got six inches cut on wednesday and i feel like it might deserve a post of its own. because i might have cried. or not…

once upon a time:

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4 thoughts on “around here

  1. wow, que fotos tão giras.
    adoro o peluche gigante! :)
    e a m. esta semana tb brincou com umas bonecas dessas pequenas, so que sem cara de caveiras.
    sao umas a quem devemos contar as nossas preocupações e colocar debaixo da almofada ….
    estas também são assim? (foi a minha mãe que ofereceu e nem sei onde é que a M. as desencantou)´
    de resto, tenho muita muita vontade destes dias quentes e felizes…
    bjs e bom fim de semana

    1. @Daniela,

      sao essas mesmo Daniela, as “worry dolls”. estas compramos em Savannah quando passamos la os meus anos. acho que e uma coisa de Guatamala. e o peluche gigante foi a minha amiga que deu a Lily por os anos :). bjs!

  2. she had a huge cut, waiting for the post.
    on february we’ve had a little girl at home for two days and it was great for wen and a bit for us too, but just for a few days ;) when this baby had to go to sleep wendie asked me: “and who’s gonna give her breast?” hahahah
    happy sunday!

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