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February 28 2014 066

Lily got her hair cut last wednesday

her third cut since she was born

a big cut this time around

you may remember her last cut, she wanted her hair short like mine but i persuaded her (brain washed her) to only get a trim

since her trim, she continued to complain about her hair being too long and it getting in her way

and i saw it happen

whenever she would get dressed, she would have a hard time not getting her hands tangled in her long locks while putting on anything with sleeves

or whenever she would swim in the pool. or in the ocean

brushing her hair was an ordeal all of its own

because no matter what, her hair would get knotted and she is not so great with pain so she would often whine. or cry

so, on wednesday, after ballet, we went and got her hair cut “like miss Heathermarie” (her teacher)

i asked her several times if she was sure

“yes. hair grows, right mama? just like i am growing”

yes! fuck yes hair grows! (great attitude)

it made me proud to hear that my girl is not afraid to put her best face forward instead of her hair

that she is not afraid to cut her long locks because she does not need them as a security blanket (unlike many adults i have encountered in my life)

it was a great lesson and a great reminder for me who has gotten used to seeing Lily with long hair to know that she is still Lily no matter what

long hair, short hair or no hair

she is still Lily

and she can still be whatever she wants

she can still be a mermaid, a fairy, a princess, a scientist, a doctor, an artist, a designer or even a lizard hunter

because hair does not make a person

being smart, respectful, kind, strong, compassionate…. character makes a person

and it just fills my heart with such joy that i have her, this amazing four year old person for a daughter

to keep reminding me and teaching me things

so did i cry?


i cried

i am crying right now as i type this

but not because her long locks are gone

but because she is growing

so fast

so beautifully

so fiercely

just like the tiger she says she is

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Lily wears: dress- h&m (gifted), leggings- old navy. boots- target