a garden update. a vegetable garden

March 02 2014 048

we live nearby a beautiful vegetable garden

a vegetable garden that provides delicious vegetables and herbs for a nearby top rated restaurant

the main care taker of the garden is Tiffany

Tiffany not only cares for this large garden but, she also has her own in front of the home she lives in and she has a four acre farm with some friends in north miami

she is a busy young lady

i love to stop by this vegetable garden not only to admire it but to also sponge as much free knowledge from Tiffany who is always so kind at sharing what she knows

and sometimes, knowledge is not the only thing i leave with

i also leave with pockets full of tomatoes gifted by her

on this particular late afternoon we helped her get rid of some very nasty hornworms that had invaded her tomato plants overnight

joining Annie with how does your garden grow?

March 02 2014 045

edible flowers and leaves. we will hopefully soon have some growing in our garden because we purchased some seeds from Tiffany

March 02 2014 039 March 02 2014 062 March 02 2014 037 March 02 2014 042 March 02 2014 056March 02 2014 046

tomatoes. lots of them

March 02 2014 041 March 02 2014 058 March 02 2014 066 March 02 2014 067 March 02 2014 070March 02 2014 065 March 02 2014 049 March 02 2014 063

a beautiful passion flower

March 02 2014 069 March 02 2014 072

hornworm. we had these in our garden last year and four of them devoured one of our huge tomato plants overnight. they are camouflaged to blend with the leaves, they are so alien looking, have green blood and they completely make my skin crawl!

March 02 2014 068 March 02 2014 076 March 02 2014 074March 02 2014 059 March 02 2014 077 March 02 2014 078 March 02 2014 079

Tiffany gathering tomatoes pour moi

once upon a time:

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32 thoughts on “a garden update. a vegetable garden

  1. I always look forward to reading your garden updates, so much warmth and colour and freshness to enjoy. I can almost smell those tomatoes from here! That hornworm is something else isn’t it?!

  2. Good grief those hornworms are scary beasts aren’t they! Gorgeous photos as always Mrs, it looks beautiful. I love that your first tomato photo looks like a Malteser chocolate! Bet it smells divine. I need some passion flowers in my life most definitely!

  3. Wow, so much beauty and then those hideous hornworms. I have enough trouble with slugs and snails, thank goodness we don’t have any of those. Tiffany sounds amazing, she must be so busy with that plot. What are those edible flower plants? I’d love to grow some.

  4. Ugh! Hornworms! Yes, my skin is crawling now. What a beautiful place. I love the back fence with the old windows. And the nasturtiums, they seem so summery to me!

  5. What a beautiful and productive vegetable garden – much of the produce I can recognise but what are the climbing black berries? They look like a small version of our blackberries except the leaves are wrong. We have hornworms over here in Europe too – they are the caterpillars of the Hawkmoth and luckily none of our species attack my fruit or veg!

  6. Yikes! Hornworm look huge and sound rather freaky! Yikes – lovely of you help Tiffany and lovely of her to gift you tomatoes. There’s nothing that tastes quite like homegrown tomatoes, so very different to shop bought.
    What a smashing veggie garden she has – one day I dream of having one myself *starts to daydream*
    Awesome photos and it looks like a really inspiring garden space! Apologies for the lateness commenting, I only got back from Africa this morning xx As always – thanks for joining in :)

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