the weekend. a staycation

March 08 2014 011

this past weekend Will and Lily went on a skiing trip to west virginia from thursday till sunday

a father/daughter trip they planned before we had even left there this past december

having lived mostly in apartments/condos, staying home alone in a big house has never really been something i have had to or wanted to do

don’t get me wrong, i like being alone

actually i love being alone but not in a big house

once Will purchased the plane tickets, i excitedly and nervously counted down the days with him

i thought about asking a friend to come and stay over with me while they would be away however, i chose to tackle one of my fears instead

and so, home i stayed

by myself (well, with Foxy really)

this was the first time i was away from both Will and Lily for this long since Lily was born

the first day and night was hard

i was filled with anxiety and fear

i hardly slept

but it got easier as the days went on

i didn’t do much of anything this past weekend

which was the plan really

with perfect seventy degree weather, i enjoyed an empty house with opened windows

on most mornings i sat in the backyard and enjoyed a quiet yard

and i watched movies

i watched a lot of movies

a perfect staycation in our own home

happy monday friends

hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well

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