a garden update

February 25 2014 022

i have been really enjoying watching spring slowly happen for a lot of you who join how does your garden grow

i now get to see it through you and it makes me so happy (and a bit envious) because spring is by far my favorite season

it always brings back such wonderful memories of growing up as a child in portugal

i cannot wait to see all of your gardens filled with flowers i could only dream of growing here in miami

joining Annie with how does your garden grow?

February 25 2014 018

the orchids…. had enough? not me

February 09 2014 075

this guy chilling on this flower in the front yard

February 09 2014 078 February 13 2014 013

new growth in the bromeliads also in the front yard

February 14 2014 057

the ginger flowers are always blooming

February 11 2014 051

and the red hibiscus too. (night shot)

February 14 2014 059

lots of little limes and oranges on our citrus trees

March 06 2014 014February 16 2014 149

i saw this big guy in the tree with the giant lizard sculpture when we first moved in and then never saw him again. until DD found him chilling in the tree by the bedroom terrace

February 16 2014 154February 17 2014 007

these things are constantly falling but they always remind me of christmas so i don’t dislike them so much

February 17 2014 008

i am so happy that my neighbor’s loquat tree branches all the way into our yard. i love loquats and they too remind me of childhood in portugal

February 19 2014 008

always spider webs and i really despise walking into them

February 19 2014 012 February 23 2014 006

an asiatic lily purchased by Will. hope it does well in the yard

February 20 2014 024

this guy hanging in the morning sun on the front porch hanging out by the succulents that surprisingly enough i have not killed yet (i try to not even look at them)

February 25 2014 027

“is there something on my hat?”. always

February 25 2014 030

anyone else see an alien fish?

February 26 2014 029

and last but not least, our mango tree is loaded with blooms. which is awesome because i love mangoes but all the pollen is driving Will’s allergies mad

February 26 2014 032