around here. time

March 10 2014 007

this past week, due to the time change, i felt like i was trying to wake up a tired teenager in the morning

i don’t blame her, it felt unnatural to be waking before the sun rose just like it felt unnatural to be going to bed while it was still light out

i have been thinking a lot about time

i was thinking about my great grandmother Delfina the other day

like i often do

 i had not yet realized how long she has now been gone for

when i did the math, it has been almost thirty years

it doesn’t feel like that long ago since i last saw her

perhaps because in my mind and in my heart she is often with me and i remember her just like i saw her yesterday

it’s funny how that can happen isn’t it?

even though so much time has passed, it doesn’t feel that long since i last saw her…

and then sometimes it’s just the opposite

like with Lily

she is only four but yet pregnancy feels like a lifetime ago

time is a funny thing

they say that only time can heal but i think that time can also cause great pain

on a happier note, it’s friday

happy weekend friends

March 10 2014 041

a garden rose

March 11 2014 020

now in her room

March 11 2014 075

bubbles were a big thing in the yard this week

March 11 2014 106March 11 2014 061

these two

March 11 2014 093 - CopyMarch 10 2014 044

helping me re-pot some succulents

March 11 2014 024

now on her terrace

March 11 2014 002

in the morning light

March 11 2014 003 March 11 2014 005 March 11 2014 021

morning rainbows

March 11 2014 022March 11 2014 025


March 11 2014 026 March 11 2014 039

this guy

March 11 2014 092

her art. always

March 11 2014 090

a tiger and a bat