a nature mobile

March 11 2014 063

just like i think that i can turn pretty much anything into a taco, i think i can turn anything into a mobile

so yes, basically tacos and mobiles are my jam

Lily and i have made painted leaves mobiles, shell mobiles and now, a nut shell mobile

going for nature walks around the neighborhood is something we like to do often

there is always a lot to look at. and to pick up

like these nut shells that i am not sure what they are called but are all over the sidewalks

they split open in fours from the tree and they are hard like a coconut shell. harder even

Lily always likes to pick them up and bring them home

they often hang around in a wooden bowl until i eventually throw them out

however, not too long ago on one of our nature walks around the hood, Lily started picking them up again

i suggested to her that she should paint them and then we could….. make a mobile!

and so we did

what we used: nature treasures. paint. brushes. string. stick

paint. let dry. tie on string. tie on stick

happy ARTsy wednesday!

(it had been a while)

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