a what she wore post

March 25 2014 135

 i grabbed this dress for Lily when stella mccartney designed a line for babygap

before she could even fit into it

Lily has now been wearing this dress for well over two years

maybe even three?

she calls it her “tinkle bell” dress and it is by far one of my favorite pieces in her closet

i know, it is white

she has worn it many times and hopefully will get to wear it a few more

no matter how dirty she gets, i have always managed to get it back to white (with a little help from my friend bleach)

on this particular day, she wore it to a picnic at the little river farm

dress- stella mccartney for babygap. leggings- target. rainboots- hand me downs from her friend Pixie (yes, that’s her real name)

March 25 2014 134

mulberry stains

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all washed. all white. all ready to be worn. again