15/52. twenty fourteen

15-March 29 2014 032

“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014”


she woke up saturday morning and wanted to dress up in her version of Elsa (frozen)

she also wanted make-up on. pink eyeshadow on top, and yellow on the bottom

she wanted red lips

and a braid like Elsa as well

she got it

in her room she danced for hours to the song “let it go” over, and over and over again

mimicking Elsa’s every move for that scene

just like many little girls i know right now that are all obsessed with Elsa

joining Jodi with the 52project

ps- this is not a picture from this week. believe it or not, i did not take any pictures of Lily with my camera this week. but because she is in such an Elsa stage, i felt this shot needed to be part of the 52project