a paper crown

April 03 2014 042

sometimes it is during the getting ready for bed routine, when Lily and i talk about her/our day, that she gets her ideas for what she/we would like to make the next day

like this paper crown

the night before, while in bed she whispered to me:

“mama, you know what we can make tomorrow?”

and so it began

the plan for a paper crown which we made the following day when she got home from school

April 03 2014 003

first she gathered leaves from our yard (no, it is not fall)

April 03 2014 004

then, one at a time, she painted the back side of the leaves (it has more texture) and pressed them onto thick paper

April 03 2014 005 April 03 2014 006 April 03 2014 007

while the paint dried in the sun, out of construction paper, i drew and cut out one large flower and one smaller flower

April 03 2014 013

Lily then used those flowers as stencils/molds to make more flowers

April 03 2014 015

she did all the cutting herself

April 03 2014 035

once the paint was dry, Lily cut the leaves out. she also glued the small flowers on top of the bigger flowers. in order to make the crown base, we used and inter twined two long pipe cleaners (sorry, no pics of the previous steps)

April 03 2014 048

i then sewed the paper flowers (with pompoms) and leaves around the crown

April 03 2014 045

et voila! a paper crown

she plans on wearing it for easter

but between the crown and bunny ears… it’s a hard decision

happy ARTsy wednesday!