these days

April 28 2014 087

elsa and anna are still heavy on rotation

May 02 2014 011

talking on the phone with her only takes a few minutes. she takes after me that way

May 08 2014 020

she showers all by herself now

May 08 2014 021May 08 2014 001

art everything. always

May 06 2014 059

picnics and Foxy

May 08 2014 022

she recently chose new undies. girl super heroes. slowly moving out of the princess phase

May 04 2014 035

when she is truly happy, she shines and it really shows through

May 04 2014 024

she chooses her own clothes to wear and gets dressed by herself every day (every now and again she asks me to pick out clothes for her)

May 06 2014 016

she is a bit of a loner and deep thinker. she takes after her pai that way

May 08 2014 023

she loves scooby doo but is no longer allowed to watch the cartoons because it makes her even more afraid of the things she is afraid of. like the dark

May 10 2014 002

Savannah is still her bestie and they have been having play/swimdates every friday