these days

May 14 2014 012

she can be as silly as she is serious

May 17 2014 002

she loves drawing from books. just like i used to as a young girl

May 24 2014 213

she loves toca boca but only gets to do it when her avo Hayes is around because she is the only one who has it

May 17 2014 060

she has diving into the bottom of the pool down fast

May 24 2014 005

sometimes she is a tiger princess

May 31 2014 002

chocolate croissants. always

May 24 2014 137

she reminds me often that pink and yellow were her birthday colors

May 26 2014 044

kitty cat everything. meow

May 28 2014 007

she was so exhausted from a long weekend that she fell asleep at four thirty in the afternoon and she only woke up at seven thirty the next morning

May 29 2014 009

she will just sit and wait. and wait. and wait…