a dream catcher

July 03 2014 019

we love dream catchers (who doesn’t right?)

that being said, we had never attempted to make our own

when i hopped over to Rubyellen’s blog and saw her tutorial for making your own cardboard dream catcher, i knew we had to give it a shot

i mean, we had everything we needed in the house and no trip to the craft store was needed (except for the hole puncher. Will grabbed one while at kinko’s)

this was a pretty easy project where Lily actually got to do most of the work

the cardboard we had was a bit too thin for this project

we used what we had

next time i would like to use thicker cardboard like Rubyellen did

happy ARTsy wednesday!

July 03 2014 001

what we used. cardboard from the back of a paper notebook. embroidery thread (not yarn). a plate to make round stencil (no compass). scissors. pencil. paints. paint brush. hole puncher. wood beads from Lily’s melissa&doug jewelry making kits

July 03 2014 002

because we don’t have a compass, we used a plate to stencil a perfect circle

July 03 2014 003

then, with my good eye (the right, not the left), i drew a smaller inner circle. Lily was impressed

July 03 2014 004

with scissors cut the inside out to get your ring

July 03 2014 005

paint the circle. Lily chose pink. duh

July 03 2014 007

i must say that the most tedious part about this project was the waiting for the paint to dry. you need to wait for one side to dry in order to then paint the other side. and then you need to wait for that side to dry. so in the meanwhile, we made a ojos de dios (tutorial coming up next week)

July 03 2014 017

with a pencil draw out your holes and with the hole puncher, punch them out

July 03 2014 018

begin the weaving process leaving a longer strand for tieing and hanging

July 03 2014 020

second weaving color. all chosen and woven by Lily

July 03 2014 022

we then tied different colored string through the bottom three holes and strung the wooden beads through them knotting the ends

July 03 2014 024

the dream catcher now hangs over Lily’s bed along with the one we purchased in Savannah and the one gifted by this sweet mama