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July 06 2014 001

i decided to give my nikon a bit of a break this week and leave it home on most of our outings

that’s not to say we didn’t do fun things

because we did

on monday, i had a great girls day (sans Lily) in west palm with my K (picture here, here and here)

going to taco bell has been on top of Lily’s summer bucket list and i finally took her there on tuesday

we are not big fans of fast food however, Lily has a small obsession with taco bell mostly due to the fact that she inherited the original taco chihuahua dog from me

and so we went, with taco bell in tow and she was thrilled (picture here and here)

however, i would say the highlight of the week was the water park we went to on wednesday with our friends F&P

going to a water park was something that i tried to do with Lily last year but i am glad that we actually waited until this year

we had a great time there

until the rain. and thunder. and crazy lightening came (picture here and here)

despite me feeling a bit under the weather after the water park, we had a great week

happy friday friends

wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

July 04 2014 103

love having these garden visitors

July 06 2014 006

a delicious sunday brunch made by Will

July 06 2014 008

i watered and moved one of the orchids out to the front porch

July 06 2014 012 July 06 2014 010

i am a bit obsessed with making ojos de dios (tutorial coming up next ARTsy wednesday)

July 10 2014 007July 06 2014 013

a sunday napper

July 09 2014 001

a single rose in the garden this week

July 06 2014 016

these guys

July 10 2014 003

morning inspiration

July 06 2014 017

still loving all the poinciana trees that line our street

July 06 2014 019July 10 2014 006

her hair is getting long