wanting to hold onto every second

July 11 2014 052

last night Lily went to sleep earlier than she has since she finished school in the end of may

and this morning she (and i) woke up earlier than we have since she began summer vacation

today she has started her first day of art camp and i have just returned from dropping her off (picture here)

i miss her already

we have spent just about every day together since her summer vacation began

don’t get me wrong, i enjoy my “me” quiet time and it is not always peachy when we are together but…

we have actually been having a wonderful time this summer

she was a bit nervous this morning

telling me that “you know what mama, i think in the middle of the day i might cry because i will miss you”

as a parent, i always worry and want to be sure i have made the right choice for her

and even though i know she is in good hands, in a beautiful place and surrounded by amazing art, i hope she is enjoying herself and will walk away from this week with a wonderful experience

i think i have mentioned on here that we only signed Lily up for two weeks of summer camp this year

the fact that Lily officially starts preschool in mid august made me want to keep her home more than ever before

she is growing so fast, time is going by so quickly that i just feel like these are life changing moments and all i want to do is hold onto every second

happy monday friends

i hope you all enjoyed your weekend

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