some recent doodles

July 11 2014 073

with the heat, the humidity, the rain, the heat, the humidity, the rain, the heat, the humidity and the rain…

this is the time of year i want to hibernate

time spent inside has been filled with lots of arts and crafts

Lily has been drawing a lot

she not only has been drawing her own pictures from her own imagination but she has also been inspired by others

when she saw this picture from my instagram feed, she asked me if she could take my phone into her room to draw it

five minutes later she came out with her own version of the original

a really great version if you ask me

happy ARTsy wednesday!

July 11 2014 074

she was singing “who let the dogs out?”

July 11 2014 068

like me, she is a Frida fan. so, i handed her a Frida Kahlo book, told her to pick a picture and make Frida proud

July 11 2014 069

a self portrait

July 11 2014 071

and just like with Frida, i did the same with Matisse