a garden update. here and there

July 18 2014 019

believe it or not, my nikon stays home a lot

although i love it, it is quite heavy and bulky to carry around all the time

often times i will be on a walk or be taking Lily somewhere and i will see flowers and have no nikon to take pictures with

i often regret not having my camera with me on those moments

but i also often go back to capture those said flowers

these were taken here and there

joining Annie with how does your garden grow?

July 18 2014 017

these are baobab flowers from the baobab trees at the bass museum where Lily went to art summer camp. baobab is also known as african elephant tree (read more here)

July 18 2014 018 July 18 2014 020July 18 2014 021

sausage tree flowers also from the bass museum garden (read more here)

July 18 2014 016

and these delicate tissue paper like flowers from the bass as well

July 27 2014 003

an okra flower in our neighbor’s vegetable garden

May 19 2014 002

this tall tree was in a neighbor’s yard and it has become one of my favorites. its flowers are so beautiful, so delicate and so fragrant. i have no idea what it’s called though

May 19 2014 003 May 19 2014 008 May 19 2014 012May 19 2014 018

with all the rain we have been getting this summer, all the bromeliads are quite happy and all blooming

May 19 2014 017 July 21 2014 118 July 21 2014 120 July 21 2014 121July 18 2014 015

we have two of these trees on our sidewalk and they are in full bloom at the moment. not sure what they are but the bees love them

July 27 2014 006May 29 2014 022

and let’s not forget the poinciana trees that have been lining the streets in our neighborhood for months now

May 29 2014 023 May 29 2014 024 May 29 2014 027 May 29 2014 033