watercolors and acrylics. from november twenty thirteen

November 26 2013 003

i cleaned out the blog draft box the other day and found this post

i also found a post that i started titled “goodbye Carrie, hello Miranda” where i didn’t talk so much about hair but more about growing and life changes

anyway, Lily’s art has come a long way since november but since i like to document her and everything about her the best i can, i decided to press “publish”

happy ARTsy wednesday!

above: Lily as a flower (watercolors)

November 26 2013 005

Lily and Foxy (watercolors)

November 26 2013 006

Raven (acrylics. drawn after one of her paper dolls)

November 26 2013 007

a girl tiger (acrylics. girls get eyelashes)