oh it’s that time of year again

that time of year when i get completely frantic and anxious with all there is to see and do

all the basel art and all of christmas everything

that time of year when i would like to go back to november or just fast forward to january

 i have to try hard to remember to just breathe….

happy ARTsy wednesday friends!

here is a compilation post of some of the amazing art we have seen lately


kashink. so happy, so good. fifty cakes of gay


we got to meet her and she is so sweet! looking forward to her solo show tomorrow


chorboogie. so much love for this guy too

IMAG0661 IMAG0668 IMAG0665 IMAG0672

selfie. why not


not sure who this artist is but am pretty sure the wall below is by the same person also

IMAG0206IMAG0383 IMAG0385

don’t know who painted this amazing wall but, we were lucky enough to see it because the next time i drove by…


… it was this wall. being painted by herakut and not yet quite finished. it’s titled “i dreamt i was a human. it was a… nightmare!”


vhils. i think it’s pretty cool that he is portuguese


this wall also quickly got replaced by…


…this wall


kazilla, a miami sweetheart

below are some randoms. i hate to call them that because they are anything but that but, i don’t know the name of the artists. so… randoms

IMAG0561 IMAG0654 IMAG0656 IMAG0658

family bike ride with bicicleta sem freio selfie

IMAG0660 IMAG0667 IMAG0679 IMAG0683IMAG0779

the hermes window down the street took my breath away

IMAG0780 IMAG0782

and last but certainly not least (it hasn’t even started…), on monday night i went to the opening of kris knight‘s solo show “smell the magic”. it is a small show but definitely worth seeing. you can read about his show and his partnership with gucci here