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November 26 2014. 001 (4)

you guys, i am struggling so hard with presents this year…

coming up with gift ideas usually comes naturally to me

this year, i have no idea

except for Lily

her gifts are done

we are keeping it small and simple for her this year

this christmas loving girl (Lily, not me) decorated the house this week, has been singing christmas carols, been making all sorts of cards and decorations for west virginia and has been waking up extra excited and eager to start her day because of her advent calendar (there aren’t even any gifts in her advent calendar)

as she gets more and more excited for each day closer to christmas, i get more and more stressed for each day closer to christmas

because i am not ready!

anyway, it’s friday

cheers and happy weekend!!!

November 26 2014. 001 (1)

ballet walks. she always stops to pick the flowers

November 24 2014. 001 (5)

out with the old, in with the new. always

November 29 2014. 001 (10)

a favorite corner

November 29 2014. 001 (11)

motorcycle diaries

November 30 2014. 001 (8)

thanksgiving flowers

November 29 2014. 001 (13)

stickers anything

November 29 2014. 001 (25)

a sleepover

November 30 2014. 001 (56)

new orchids on their way

November 30 2014. 001 (47)

a tent. so easy. endless hours of fun

November 30 2014. 001 (61)

this guy whose shit i found on the kitchen floor first thing yesterday morning

November 30 2014. 001 (100)

a sunday afternoon with her bff