modeling clay

December 31 2014. 001 (14)

when i was a little girl i loved modeling clay

i remember loving everything about it

the way it felt

the way it melled

i would spend hours creating all sorts of things with it

not too long ago Lily started talking about playdoh again

i am not a big fan of playdoh

i don’t like the way it feels

i don’t like the way it smells

i really don’t like the way it dries and flakes off everywhere

for christmas, Will and i surprised Lily with a bucket of nonhardening modeling clay (this one) as well as a modeling clay book (this one)

once we got back home to miami from west virginia, we opened the modeling clay and i spent a couple of hours hours with Lily showing her how to work with the clay and together we made a few animals while being guided by the book

it didn’t take long for her to catch on

that day she spent three hours working and in one sitting she created seven different animals

a clown fish, a pig, a kitty, a duck, a stingray, a spider and a frog

she loves her little creations

she plays with them, talks to them…

she even took the book to school to show her teacher

i think she got the clay bug

and the girl in me couldn’t be happier

happy ARTsy wednesday!

ps- week 13 of folklings is up!

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