popias alentejanas


this friday, i will be going to Lily’s school and along with her, we will be representing portugal as part of the heritage project for her class

i have heard from her about how some of the other presentations have gone and one thing the kids seem to be most excited about is the treat that is brought in

i mean, for france they had chocolate croissants! (hard to beat)

there are no portuguese shops/delis/markets near us and i wanted something easy to bring in

i thought and thought and thought….

and then it came to me


not only was i raised on this stuff but it is still something my mom always has at her house and everyone always eats

after a few google searches, i was able to find a recipe

no hard to find ingredients

no major skills needed

the hardest part was converting the measurements

so, on monday when Lily got back from school, she and i made some popias

i was nervous because let’s face it, i’m no baker but, i must say… they came out pretty good!

hope the kids like them

happy ARTSY wednesday?

ps- i followed this recipe

pps- edition sixteen of folklings is up!

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