January 24 2015. 001 (265)

in today’s world of selfies, one can often come across being a narcissist

however, taking self portraits and painting self portraits has been something i remember doing since the late eighties/early nineties

way before the term “selfie” was invented and the term self portrait was still used instead

i have always found it important to document not just the growth of the ones around me, the world around me but also to document my own growth

it’s important to me to not forget who i once was, what i looked like, what i wore, what i was feeling, where i was in life, within myself

Lila over at lilawolff has started a project called capturing you

i can’t say that this will be a permanent feature on here but, i will most likely join often on instagram

i have chosen to join here today with this portrait that i captured of myself right before washing my face

 i wanted to remember myself the way i was feeling after a long and fun day at disney with my family, my tribe

completely fulfilled, happy and yes, even beautiful

happy monday friends

hope you all had a fantastic weekend