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February 18 2015. 001 (34)

Lily had one of the shortest school weeks last week

because of president’s day and a teacher planning day, she was off school monday and tuesday and that is why Will decided to take advantage of the four day weekend and take her on their annual father-daughter skiing (now snowboarding) trip to west virginia

they had a long and tiring traveling day back to miami on tuesday

they left west virginia around seven thirty in the morning and because of bad weather and delayed flights, they only arrived in ft. lauderdale at ten at night

half way through their traveling day i knew i would be keeping Lily home from school the following day

i knew that she would be tired not just from the long day of traveling but also because of how busy she was while in west virginia

she slept until nine in the morning that wednesday

while home, we read, colored, watched a movie…

she got to shift gears and relax

even though she went to sleep at her regular bed time on wednesday night and i thought about waking her to go to school on thursday morning, i decided to let her sleep

again she woke up around nine in the morning having slept fourteen hours straight

on friday, although she was still not one hundred percent, she went to school

this weekend, per her request was spent mostly at home

she was a great traveler and a great snowboarder that kept on pushing

but it also took her days to get herself back

all part of the fun, right?

happy monday friends

hope you all had a great weekend!

ps- because i feel that Lily has been looking quite serious around here, here are some silly Lily bath faces

pps- edition twenty of folklings is up!

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