a dr. seuss hat


ok, i can’t even say that this is a proper ARTsy wednesday diy post

however, in honor of dr. seuss birthday, this week in Lily’s school they are doing something daily to celebrate him

yesterday all the children were encouraged to wear a dr. seuss hat (today they had to wear crazy socks)

Lily’s teacher was very clear about the fact that if a child did not have a dr. seuss hat, they were not to buy one

she encouraged making one

and so i did


at five thirty in the morning

usually Lily and i do these sort of projects together but because she had a park playdate after school and the idea came to me late at night, i did it on my own and had it ready for her when she woke up (she was thrilled!)

what i used:

thick watercolor paper, a mug (to create a perfect circle), a pencil, scissors, glue gun, glue stick, red masking tape (which i had from christmas), one of Lily’s headbands

1- i first created the circle for the bottom of the hat by tracing the larger side of the mug onto the paper

2- cut the circle

3- cut an even rectangle to make the cylinder part of the top hat

4- hot glue the two ends of the rectangle together to have a cylinder

5- use the red masking tape to create three red stripes on the top hat (if you don’t have red masking tape, you can use markers, crayons or paint)

6- put the cylinder with one side down on the paper and trace a perfect circle

7- cut that circle

8- hot glue that small circle on one side of the cylinder

9- hot glue the first large circle you created with the mug (or a small bowl) on the other side of the cylinder

10- hot glue the bottom of the hat onto a headband

11- when the hot glue is dry, cross two pieces of the red masking tape over the hot glue on the headband for reinforcement and so it doesn’t pull the hair when your little wears it

et voila!

a dr. seuss hat and a happy kid

happy ARTsy wednesday!

(sorry no step by step pics but like i said, it was five thirty in the morning)