an art wall


ever since i took Lily painting in the park when she was as little as six months old, Lily has been creating art

she has made a lot of art in these past five years

full on paintings, drawings, doodles…

i have kept most of it

for years now i have been wanting to frame some of her art to hang it in our home

not just because i think her art is amazing but also because i want to show her that her art is important and should be seen and enjoyed

well, even though the intentions have been there, it has not gotten done

last week, with the left over red masking tape i used to wrap christmas presents, in a spontaneous mood, we created an art wall in Lily’s room with some old and some new art as well as a few drawings made by dear friends

a big, happy and bright art wall now hangs in Lily’s room

and it makes me smile big every time i am in there

and her too

happy ARtsy wednesday!

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a souvenir from my visit to the frida kahlo and diego rivera exhibit


crazy happy