homemade popsicles

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homemade popsicles remind me of being a kid, summer and my tia tete

while growing up in portugal, come warm weather, it was my tia tete who first introduced me to homemade popsicles

long before fancy popsicle holders, every summer we would blend fruit together and then pour the thick smoothie into ice cube trays

once the smoothie was half way frozen in the trays, we would then stick a tooth pick in the middle

fancy i know

but it worked

i always got excited to make ice cube popsicles with my aunt and they always tasted delicious

especially during those hot portuguese summer days

making popsicles with Lily is something i started doing last summer

and even though we live in miami and truth be told, we could make and eat them all year round, it isn’t until the temperatures really start rising that i think…. popsicles!!

for me, when it comes to making popsicles, i just sort of go with the swing of things and use whatever fruit we have around that i think would compliment each other in a popsicle

i do not measure anything (kind of takes out the fun when you have to)

on this particular day we used banana, blueberries and coconut cream

i like to use coconut cream because i like the thicker creamier consistency it gives the popsicles

i have also used whole milk, coconut milk, orange juice and pineapple juice

but coconut cream is a winner with me

we put all the ingredients into a large cup and blend everything with a hand blender

sure a regular blender will work also but because we don’t have one, we use the hand one

once everything is blended into a pureed like consistency (thick smoothie), we pour it into our fancy popsicle holders (popsicle holders have come a long way since i was a kid) and put them in the freezer

i like to let them freeze overnight (sorry Lily)

and there you have them

delicious homemade popsicles

healthy and made with love


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