the tale of the baby elephant by Lily Eilers


a few weeks ago when Lily watched the movie miss Potter, she was so inspired by Beatrix Potter and the books she wrote, that she went off and wrote/illustrated her own book

all on her own

therefore lots of mistakes with spelling

now that she is basically reading, she tries to write more and more by sounding out letters together

she makes lots of mistakes but she also gets closer and closer to getting words right

we encourage her as much as we can

happy ARTsy wednesday!


the tale of the baby elephant by Lily Eilers


once upon a time there lived a baby elephant


named Trakca. she heard her mom calling her


Trakca, we are going on a walk


ok! said Trakca. and off they go


hi honeybird. do you want to go to our party?

yes, i am going to bring honey

the end