according to my phone/insta


being the picture taker means you are most of the time behind the camera

which means you are often missing from the picture

sure you were there because you took the picture but, you’re not in it

this year’s mother’s day nikon pictures were great and fun but i felt like i was missing from the picture

it’s always easier for me to take a “selfie” with my phone

or for someone to grab my phone and snap a pic

so, here is mother’s day according to my phone

├é┬ábecause life goes by too fast and it’s too short to be missing from the picture


IMG_20150509_123908 IMG_20150509_140431 IMG_20150511_121632 IMG_20150510_221243 IMG_20150519_134531 IMG_20150511_082957 IMG_20150511_161920 IMG_20150514_223951 IMG_20150509_185447 IMG_20150510_001339 IMG_20150509_210450


IMG_20150510_090329 IMG_20150510_122728 IMG_20150510_140302 IMG_20150510_161848 IMG_20150510_191444 IMG_20150512_203615