seedling. create your own wooden family

July 21 2015. 001 (6)

one of the last times i took Lily’s outgrown clothes to our local consignment store, i picked up this seedling create a wooden family kit

most of the items in the store are gently used clothing however, they do carry new gifting items such as seedling

i don’t know about you but, i like to just grab things for Lily when i see them and hold onto them for a rainy day

well, in this case it was for a couple of very hot days

summers here are draining and ever since we came back from california, Lily hasn’t really wanted to be outside

 unless she’s in water

so, what better project to keep her entertained other than this one that kept her busy for longer than two days and she now has a whole new family to play with in her doll house

happy ARTsy wednesday!

ps- this is not a sponsored post. i just like sharing all the goodies we love

July 17 2015. 001 (4) July 17 2015. 001 (5) July 17 2015. 001 (8)

other than scissors, all you need is perfectly packaged in this kit

July 17 2015. 001 (9) July 17 2015. 001 (10) July 21 2015. 001 (5)

Lily’s friend Alivia, Lexie, Scott, Sasa, their future baby, Lily’s cousin Adelaide and Lily. with blue hair down to the ground. yes

July 21 2015. 001 (8)

i suggested the baby wearing idea

July 21 2015. 001 (7)

Adelaide and Lily