a garden update. asheville

January 01 2016. 001 (6)

shit! i missed it!

i can’t believe i missed my first hdygg thursday post ever since i started joining three years ago

i just visited Annie’s blog for the first time in what feels like weeks and there it was

the most beautiful hdygg post

i have had my head so far up the holidays ass that i missed it

except i’m putting a post together right now so…. better late than never?


the weather has been crazy

crazy hot

it’s been like spring really

we went to west virginia for christmas like we have been doing for the past six years and it was seventy degrees there on christmas day

do you guys know how crazy that is?

it’s been in the negatives before

and there has always been snow

i woke up yesterday morning and noticed that the neighbor’s japonica tree across the street from us is blooming

so, i naturally grabbed my camera and took a few shots

happy new years friends!

let’s take lots of pictures of flowers ok?

joining Annie with how does your garden grow?

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