ARTsy wednesday


it’s been a while since i have done a Lily ARTsy wednesday post but, that does not mean by any means that she has not been making any art

because oh boy, does she ever make art

at home

at school

at friends’ homes

at restaurants….



not complaining

i love it actually

i try to keep up and document it as much as i can but, i know i don’t do as good of a job at it as i used to

there’s a lot more to keep up with these days

anyway, one of my favorite recent Lily drawings is the one above with the tooth fairy

she made it at school and it’s what supposedly happened during the night the tooth fairy visited Lily in her sleep

i love the detail in this picture

the teeth around the tooth fairy’s crown, the very large tooth the tooth fairy is carrying and the four magic crystals the tooth fairy left behind for Lily in a small bag

it’s totally what happened

and i think it’s kind of funny that the tooth fairy looks like me

so perhaps Lily knows that i am the tooth fairy but still pretends to believe in the magic of it all

i’m not going to ask her

i want her to believe in the magic of it all for as long as she can

happy ARTsy wednesday friends!


all about the snow


some beading and wool felting/sewing projects. valentine’s day gifts for some of her loved ones


from school. Lily, the furby and Will making dinner


Lily keeps the paper business going like no other. every day she comes home from school with some kind of paper creation. she’s been into making paper “friends” lately. at school and at home


her paper “friends”


there is also a fox named Kate


and her latest obsession is this wooden loom she got from her grandma for her birthday. perfect winter craft thing to do. luckily for us Will had done tons of weaving as a child (hippie) and has been helping Lily figure things out. she is big time into it. we leave it out and she gets on it every chance she gets


a lot has been done since this picture was taken