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March 19 2016. 001 (14)

this week was our first week back to life after miami

miami was great

miami also totally fucked with my head and with my emotions

cause you know, the best of friends, ocean, orchids in the trees….

and although i still hate humidity, my skin doesn’t

my skin that is still somewhat in shock and in a state of itchy since moving here, was feeling all good while in miami

my hair however likes it here better

my heart is still trying to figure it all out though

coming back to asheville had me feeling like a stranger in a strange place

but then again, while in miami i felt like a tourist in a place i called home for over ten years so….

it took a couple of days for me to get back into the asheville swing of things

although the temperatures dropped this week, we had a beautiful weekend

spring has totally sprung and it is absolutely beautiful!

it helps you know?

i’ve been trying to focus not so much on what was or will be but what is


and maybe it’s not so important where you live rather than what you experience while living there?

like spring


sometimes i get so caught up in trying to own a house and root the family that i completely stress myself out over what’s to come

and although those things are important, so is now

because now is really good right now

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

ps- go catch some rainbows!

March 21 2016. 001 (9)

spring has sprung. blooms for days

March 23 2016. 001 (2)

frustrating after school scooter rides by the river. i don’t want to talk about it

March 23 2016. 001 (1) March 23 2016. 001 (3) March 23 2016. 001 (4)

a full moon

March 23 2016. 001 (8) March 25 2016. 001 (64)

miami beach days

March 27 2016. 001 (1)

a miami beach sleepy morning after a sleepover at DD’s

March 27 2016. 001 (14)

miami easter morning

March 29 2016. 001 (87)

a wonderful afternoon with miami friends

April 02 2016. 001 (1)

across the street from our house. azalea

April 02 2016. 001 (37)

in front of our house. dogwood

April 02 2016. 001 (42)

front porch hangs. Lily loves the boots the easter bunny left her

April 02 2016. 001 (48) April 02 2016. 001 (49)

it took six months but we finally have her back. yes!

April 02 2016. 001 (40)