mother’s day twenty sixteen

May 08 2016. 001 (1)

motherhood….. it’s not always easy

and i have certainly struggled trying to find myself in it at times

but, six years into it, i can honestly say that i couldn’t see myself anywhere else other than where i am today

with my tribe

the ones who made me a mama

i know many mamas who like to celebrate mother’s day by themselves

at a spa, quietly at home reading books or watching movies, shopping

although all of those sound appealing, i think i will one day have plenty of time to celebrate mother’s day that way

i like to celebrate the day with loved ones who are such a big part of making mothering healthy and happy

this was our first mother’s day here

all other mother’s day were spent in miami and our dear DD was always a part of the day (and sometimes auntie K too)

it felt strange not having DD with us and he was very much missed

we did however have our dear Caro and it felt wonderful to have her to celebrate the day with

like valentine’s day, i think mother’s day is a crazy day to go out and eat somewhere

every place is packed with everyone and their mamas (literally) and the food and service are always rushed

Will had suggested a few places in town but, i opted for one of my favorite places, la guinguette

and so there we sat, al fresco, in the sunshine, like we like to do and once again we indulged in the most delicious crepes and bubbly cava rose

afterwards we ventured out to a creek and a waterfall but that is another post

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

ps- i know, it was mother’s day and there are no pictures of me. i did take a selfie with my phone though

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to be continued…