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July 17 2016. 001 (47)

luanda angola- beja portugal- loule portugal- estremoz portugal- hohokus new jersey- ocean beach san diego- pacific beach san diego- la jolla san diego- hasbrouck heights new jersey- ridgewood new jersey- miami florida- hoboken new jersey- miami florida- asheville north carolina

it’s been a wild and crazy ride you guys

if someone had told me when i was younger that i would end up in asheville north carolina, i would have said “where the fuck is that!?”

but here i am

here we are

trying to buy our first family home

something we have been wanting for quite some time

things are looking good with the house purchase

moving from miami wasn’t emotionally easy

we put it off for a long, long time

but, almost a year into it now, it was a really good decision

i still miss my/our good friends and miss Claudia time with her girls but hopefully that will be something i will find here eventually

i hope so anyway

i have felt really old at times here from not having that outlet

this is going somewhere i didn’t intend it to go….

anyway, moving

it’s hard

especially when it’s not just you and your happiness but instead it’s the whole family and the whole family’s happiness

when i look at Lily lately i can see that she is truly happy

she wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy

and well, that’s golden isn’t it?

happy friday and happy weekend friends

hope this week wasn’t too hot for you

July 17 2016. 001 (51)

she was obviously pretending to be napping. because that never happens

July 24 2016. 001 (1)

a grandparents visit. brunch at our favorite spot. it looks like Lily was having a horrible time but she wasn’t. i caught her in mid blink

July 24 2016. 001 (2) July 24 2016. 001 (4)July 24 2016. 001 (7)

some down time

July 24 2016. 001 (6) July 24 2016. 001 (12)

i love those little freckles

July 25 2016. 001 (1)

a day inside

July 25 2016. 001 (13)July 27 2016. 001 (28)

a morning with friends at our favorite creek

July 27 2016. 001 (2) July 27 2016. 001 (9)