Costa Vicentina. day two. Amoreira… continued


if you keep up with me on instagram, you know that we have started the kitchen demolition and painting the inside of the new house

we have not yet closed however, we have signed a lease to rent until we do just so we could get in there and do what we need to do

until we came to this agreement, i thought we were going to be either homeless at the end of this month or have to find a whole different house (in a different neighborhood) because this blue house in which we have lived in for a year was also sold and the new owners will be moving in on the first of october

although we have a lot to do to get into our future house, the stress level is way down knowing that we can move on with our plans even if we are far behind

we’ll be living without a kitchen for a while and that is going to be a little crazy (and not according to plan) but it will all work out in the end


let’s hope

happy friday and happy weekend friends

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like father,


like son

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