Costa Vicentina. day three. Monte Clerigo, Odeceixe


how is your week so far?

mine has been filled with packing boxes and countless trips to the new house to unload and unpack

i feel exhausted but in the best of ways because things are getting done and our future home is coming along quite nicely (if i may say so myself)

can’t believe i was doing the same thing a year ago but in miami

putting together these portugal posts is so bitter sweet for me

it’s so wonderful to look back and reminisce but it is so hard because i miss everyone and everything so much and wish i could just click my heels and be there

on this particular day my brother stayed at the house with my godson and the three of us got to go out and explore on our own

the little one had been fighting a cold for days and on this day he needed to just stay home and sleep (days later Lily would be sporting the same germs and sicker than she had ever been in her life)

it was a beautiful warm day out and i wish we could have had more beach days (hours) like this because i think it’s the only one we had all summer long

hope you are all having a great week so far

let’s celebrate the end of mercury retrograde shall we?

it was a rough one!

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just a little fishing. on the very edge of a very high cliff

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Odeceixe. the sweetest little town

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when i was a little girl growing up in Portugal, i dreamt of living in a windmill…

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Odeceixe beach

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