Costa Vicentina. day five. Burgau


i’m sad my beach pictures are coming to an end

autumn is around the corner

which i’m excited about

but then winter follows and i’m not too excited about that

especially since i have heard several times that we are going to have a hard winter

i hope not

this particular day would have been the perfect beach day

it was super warm, the water was calm, and well…. look at it

it’s paradise in a picture

√ā¬†unfortunately Lily was sicker than ever in the back seat of the car

like good parents we made her a bed (comforter and pillow included) and she slept the day away while Will and i took turns getting out of the car to take in some of the most beautiful and tempting views

it made me a bit sad that our little mermaid was too sick to swim in these beautiful waters

she would have loved it

hopefully next time

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