Costa Vicentina. day five. Sagres


there were a few things on Will’s portugal bucket list this year

to eat caracois (check), to go back to porto and to eat a francesinha in porto (check and check), to eat percebes (check) and to go back to sagres (check)

there is a certain kind of magical feeling when you stand on the cliffs in sagres over looking the never ending ocean where so many navigators sailed from and went off and conquered so many new worlds

a certain kind of magic that i was hoping Lily would get to feel and experience but unfortunately she was sick/sleeping in the car and missed it this second time around (first time she was in my belly)

hopefully the third time is a charm

yesterday was a really shitty, no good feeling day

i am so over this move

hopefully today will be the last day and hopefully today will be a better day

wish i had more beach pictures to keep posting here but unfortunately that is it for now

so so sad

i know….


first things first. lunch with a view

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our poor baby in her car bed. so, so sick. never had i seen her so sick


i did bring other shoes to portugal but i wore these every single day #wheremybirksbe

july-01-2016-001-33 july-01-2016-001-34 july-01-2016-001-38 july-01-2016-001-36 july-01-2016-001-37july-01-2016-001-40

if i had had big containers and lots of euros, i would have bought just about everything in this local pottery shop

july-01-2016-001-41 july-01-2016-001-42

on the way back to aljezur, we took the back roads and i tried to take in all the ocean views to last me a lifetime

july-01-2016-001-43 july-01-2016-001-44 july-01-2016-001-45july-01-2016-001-46 july-01-2016-001-47 july-01-2016-001-48 july-01-2016-001-50 july-02-2016-001-1

the following morning we packed up and said goodbye to our beach house

july-02-2016-001-2 july-02-2016-001-3 july-02-2016-001-4 july-02-2016-001-5

 we stopped and had lunch in the pretty town odemira. lisboa is next. stay tuned!